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5- The Lost City of the Incas : Peru
The Pyramids of Egypt are as fascinating as they are breathtaking. Although there is a lot of speculation and rumour about the building of the pyramids, the history of Egypt is fascinating for the Backpacker all hotels are available from the budget conscious to 5 star luxury accommodation : Pyramids : Egypt

The Inca city of Machu Picchu in peru is of the world's most spectacular ruins. Houses,temples,staircases and farming terraces built among forested mountains with snow covered peaks. below is the winding urubamba river, a famous landmark in peru  their are many budget hostels for the Backpacker to pick from close to the famous ruins.  THE LOST CITY OF THE INCAS : PERU : Culture Focus    Wikipedia

Greece today is a modern western European country and member of the European Union. Greece is one of the most beloved holiday destination for many millions of tourists that travel to Greece every year. The mountains , the islands, Historic ruins and the Ancient cities of Greece have everything to offer to the budget traveller, history ,nature and more,  lots of Backpacker hotels are available  : The greek Islands : Greece    Ministry of Tourism   Go Greece  CIA Factbook  Wikitravel
6- Greece
Venice is a tourist, commercial, and industrial centre and capital of Venetia and of Venice province. The city is built on 118 islands within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice.  Between the islands run about 150 canals, mostly very narrow, crossed by some 400 bridges. The Grand Canal: without doubt Venice boasts the most magnificent main street in the whole world. World famous gondola rides on sunset are for the romantic this is a popular stopover for the backpacker on their way around europe.
Piazza San Marco: the heart of Venice. Surrounded by arched arcades and unique monumental buildings, this is truly one of the world's most beautiful squares. Venice : Italy    City of Venice   Lonely Planet  Wikipedia
7- Venice
8 - Ankor wat : Cambodia
Angkor Wat is a historic temple complex near Siem Reap, Cambodia. It has been used as a religious temple for several faiths including Hinduism and Buddhism. The structures are locally influenced by the classic Khmer architectural design. With more than eight hundred years of history, Angkor Wat is on almost every must-see list for travellers headed to Southeast Asia. this is a popular backpacker destination on their journey around asia normally flying in from Bangkok Thailand, Cambodia is a dream for the backpacker as hotel and hostel accommodation is plentiful their are many exciting temples and ruins to visit in south east asia.
Ankor wat : Cambodia  UNESCO  Sacred Sites

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4- The Pyramids of Egypt
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Istanbul skyline from the Bosphorus strait, Turkey
The Bosphorus strait, which runs squarely through the middle of Istanbul, famously divides Europe and Asia. Both sides of the city slope down to the water like an urban valley. The view from Galata Bridge includes several of the cityís incredible mosques, whose graceful domes and towering minarets are the stuff of fairytales. Backpacker's love travelling to Turkey beautiful scenery and famous food is something to remember for the budget traveller Istanbul Turkey

The temples of Bagan, Myanmar
Dotted across a plain beside the Irrawaddy River in central Myanmar, the ruins of Bagan cover 16 square miles. Dozens of immense stupas and temples rise from the red, dusty soil, all that remains of a major city sacked by the Mongol Kublai Khan. The scene at sunrise is unforgettably romantic. myanmar suits the Backpacker as their are old temples and great views and lots of cheap hotels for the backpacker to rest Temples of bagan Myanmar

The history of L'Arc de Triomphe is varied, and marred by the German occupation of Paris, which celebrated by marching through the arch. Commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 to honor the French military, the Arc de Triomphe is now a patriotic symbol of Franceís history. It was finally completed in 1836, 15 years after Napoleonís death. In 1920 an unknown solider was buried beneath the arc, to honour the soldiers who fought for France. The Arc de Triomphe has served as a symbol of victory for France, as well as for the Germans and the Allies, both of which have marched through the arch after victories as they enter Paris. A visit to europe a must to visit is romantic paris full of beautiful Art and large landmark monuments the backpacker loves travelling to paris and can find budget hotels to accommodate them Arc De Triomphe Paris

1 - Istanbul, Turkey
2 - The Temples of Bagan, Myanmar
3 - L'Arc de Triomph, Paris
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